What we do
Cosmos Dream
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What we do

Web development

Web site development is when the company remotely develops or create small and medium sized web sites. The idea is to deliver a "full stack" package which includes both design, web site, server and database services. See See Henriette Boethius' and See Lars Sjödin's profiles on linked in for more details of the capabilities of the company. A current client is a Swedish awning installation company, Mr Window AB, which involved creating a custom web site based on the customers vision.

Game dev Consulting & contracting

Hati Hati games also provides consulting and to some extent contracting serviecs within the games area. Primary focus areas are services architecture, scalability and telemetry, but also C++ development within multiplayer or low level platform areas. See Lars Sjödin's profile on linkedin for a detailed CV.

In house product development

So far, two games Cosmos Dream and Dr Lee's bar have been developed and released. Other products and technologies are being developed continuously.

Cosmos Dream

Follow Zvezdnaya's dream, leave earth and explore new worlds in this dreamlike adventure. Growing up in Russia, grandpapa used to read stories about the magical stardust at the edge of the universe. It is the most beautiful thing in creation, the stuff everything is made of and capable of curing any disease.

Many years later, one night, sitting at the kitchen table - Zvezdnaya is grown up, bored, and a bit sad, dreaming about another life - she makes her decision. The morning after an old, rusty, un-guarded, Russian rocket lifts towards the skies. No one is watching and everything is possible....

This is the start of a long hard journey becuse rocket fuel is expensive and work is hard to find in space!

Play on four different planets where there will be a new vehicle type to fly, different physics and things to pick up.

How the game works:

  • Press anywhere to give the rocket a boost in the direction towards the finger.
  • Pick up space travellers who need a hike.
  • Watch the fuel meter which is steadily declining. Space travel uses a lot of fuel!
  • Waiting on the ground recharges the fuel using the onboard curpiflaxor.
  • Avoid hitting the ground or walls hard as this decreases the reward!
  • When completing all pickups, the refueling reward will reflect how many stars are left. So be careful!



Dr Lee's Bar

Dr Lee is a retired rocket scientist who moved to the desert to open a bar. Guests are pouring in, and the success is a bit more than he can take. Help him serve the thirsty guests!

The game is made using ancient technology from the 80's, in the form of very simple LCD graphics.

Read the instruction booklet!



Game development

The company was founded in 2015 and is constantly working on new games and web projects. The games part is privately funded by us working in the company. The primary platform is mobile games, though the games engine used runs on the desktop as well.

The focus is casual games with a free-to-play model. More specifically, targetting old or less powerful devices. The dynasprite engine can run on as low as Android 2.3.7 and the aim is to have full framerate (60fps) on even very low end devices. This is because the competion is less there because the bigger companies tend to not target those markets.

Most tooling and parts used are in-house developed, drawn or otherwise created. Ideas are also aplenty, but feedback is welcome!

We're currently not hiring or looking for investment, but sharing technical or marketing experience with peers is alwys interesting!

We are located in the Stockholm area and are constantly looking for friends or people working with similar games to exchange ideas. Contact us on info@hatihatigames.com for a "fika" or beer.

The Dynasprite Engine

The Dynasprite engine is used to power games with a requrement to run on low end devices while still delivering high quality graphics. It does this by mostly utilizing 2d vector graphics and using very compact data storage formats.

Dynasprite is designed utilize little CPU, GPU and power while keeping the size of the entire application down. This is done using clever file formats which contain data which is optimized ahead of time by a customized toolchain. This keeps file sizes and load times down and makes loading as simple as just getting the file into memory. Alternative methods would be to compress and decompress data (like png, jpeg), but that requires time and memory to decompress on the device!

The engine is being developed in parallell with games and it's capabilities will grow with the needs of these games. Parts of the tool chain and file formats will be open sourced in the future. The competition is in the games, not in the technologuy. This will also help enable the community to contribute new efficient engines and more and better tooling than what's available today.

There is a little more on the Dynasprite page. More information to come!

Contact: info@hatihatigames.com